Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Not just for the Birds : Bajre ka seera

In a previous post on Millet, I made an Indian flat bread- Bajre ki Roti. I would like to add a dessert to the Gluten free theme.

Millet is great substitute for wheat berries or couscous. It's a great dish to make when feeling that urge to eat something sweet, but are hesitant to consume tons of calories, or if you have chosen a gluten free lifestyle.

The other special ingredient is Gula Melaka, an unprocessed sweetner that is a healthier option to white sugar. If you cannot find Gula Melaka, then substitute with natural maple syrup, agave nectar, palm jaggery, or jaggery.

1 cup Bajra/millet seeds
2 1/2 cups water or a equal mix of water and almond milk
1/2 cup Gula Melaka or jaggery
2 tsp raisins
2 tsp chopped nut of your choice, I used Almonds
2tsp ghee/butter
Few strands of saffron


Heat ghee add raisins and almonds, allow to fluff up and remove and set aside. In the same pan add bajra and allow it to roast for a few minutes. Add saffron, water and cook until the millet turns soft (you may have to add more water if necessary. Add the Gula Melaka and cook until dry, mix in the nut and raisins. It tastes best when still warm.

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